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Peeaach Online Boutique was created by me;  Plus Size Diva and Entrepreneur, Peirrce "Peach" Mccoy.  Nice to meet you beautiful!!  Entrepreneurial work consistent of several meetings, It became exhausting searching for affordable plus size clothing that was both cute and appropriate for multiple occasions.  Inspired by my uncomfortable situtation, (LOL) I decided to  create my online boutique and pop-up shops. Not only do I wear the pieces but I attribute them to my business success. In addition to selling clothing, the boutique also has a variety of accessories.  I find them to be great conversation starters, the accessories embellish my clothing so well.  I suggest you try a piece from my collection.  

I hope you enjoy my brand!!


I believe in equality for all. So, I create inclusive safe social spaces for all races, sexual orientations, genders and people of all religions. Even my shows are geared toward educating about minority groups such as Peach Radio Show (LGBTQ+), HOP (Women's Empowerment Show) and Call Me Peach (Spiritual Show). Two of the shows inspired me to found both of my nonprofits:  I Am Me Inc and House of Peach.  Links for all of my brands are located on my brand wall in addition to my party and design rentals business, Peach Designs and Rentals.

Peach Entertainment- Events


Peach Radio Show- An LGBTQIA Podcast

"The Peach Radio Show" is hosted by myself Peirrce (Peach Plug) and Guest Co-Host from the LGBTQ+ Community.  It's an interactive internet show that both educates and discusses  issues Homosexuals face daily.   All topics are selected from Social Media Timelines, Current Events and discussed "Live" with Viewer Participation.  My reach is growing!!  

House of Peach-Women's Empowerment Non-profit

House of Peach mission is to build an empowerment network for bonding, self development, business support and socialization for women of all races, identities and orientations.  

Peach Designs and Rentals- Event Planning, Service and Rental Company

We also assist other business owners and customers to create the vibe at their social events by providing rentals and contracting service

Peeaach- Accessories Boutique
Peach Accessories Sells Pieces from across the globe.  All Merch are available online and at Peach Ent Events.

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